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Metagross... January 19, 2232

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Started by Dante Park, Jan 24, 2018, 06:22 PM

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Elite Four
Jan 24, 2018, 06:22 PM
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"But I'm so booooored!"

If Pierre howled that one more time, Dante swore he was going to... going to throw a wrench at the Metagross. Admittedly, it wouldn't really hurt the giant hulk of metal, which, ostensibly, was likely the point. It wasn't as if Dante wanted to hurt Pierre, just, get his point across in a much clearer manner than words currently were managing. Dante, naturally, was fiddling with some odd machinery thing or another, as typically he was-Pierre had decided, at some point between the fall of the United Republic and now, that it really hated it when Dante got into one of his mechanic moods. One would figure the Metagross would be accustomed to it, by now, but it insisted on being a right thorn in Dante's side, instead.

"So go watch TV or something," Dias, Dante's Vikavolt, grumbled. He was currently under the machine, generating electricity to run it.
"It's all just soap opera and drama movie re-runs," Pierre answered. "I've seen all of that a thousand times."
"Okay, well, go find some kid to terrify," Rhaskos, the Bisharp, snapped.
"Maybe I don't want to terrify some kid," Pierre countered.
"Well, play with it, then."
"You guys are so touchy these days," the Metagross concluded. "Did someone spike the pinap juice?"

Dante resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He failed miserably.

"Oh, wait I think that's talking I hear!" Pierre suddenly declared, and he shot off through the house.

Dante used to live in a condo, nice beach-front place with an even prettier rent cost. It'd started getting a bit financially draining, particularly given he had Pierre and Dias around, and neither were particularly small, nor careful. He couldn't count on one hand how many things the two of them had, between one another, broken, and Dante had needed to repair or replace. Ultimately, he'd decided it was probably more financially sound a decision to just buy a house, so, he did. The mortgage company wanted money, but besides that, he could break whatever the heck he wanted. It was his problem, not his landlord's, because he didn't have one anymore.

The freedom. It was fantastic.

Well, the only people that came by to see them, were Suyis, and that was on rare occasions, Kat, who once in a grand while, dropped by to be her usual, creepy self, and if it was neither of those, it was probably Atenra. Dante sat back on his heels, eying the strewn-about mess of bolts, nuts, and washers. He'd have to clean this up, eventually, of course-nobody liked stepping on a bolt at five in the morning-but, they'd been at this for hours, and by now, Dante had almost forgotten what in the heck he'd been doing. Maybe it was a sign. He could use a break, and Dias had been generating electricity almost nonstop, for the past four hours.

"Maybe we should take a break, anyway," Dante suggested.
"Oh come on," Dias whined. "We're almost there, I can feel it!"
"Well, sure maybe, but I haven't eaten, neither have you, and we've been at this since dawn," Dante replied coolly.
"Besides," he went on. "You're starting to get snappy and annoyed."
"Only-because-Pierre-took-forever-to-shut-up!" the Vikavolt rushed out with.
Dante laughed at him. "It's either we take a break, or you get to explain to Atenra why I'm a giant puddle of fried metal in a few more hours."
"I'm pretty sure you won't fry," Dias responded.
Dante was already up, dusting his clothes off, putting the lids back onto the containers of machine oil, and heading down the hallway.
"Really, he wouldn't," the Vikavolt insisted, looking at Rhaskos, but the Bisharp had already gone to follow its trainer. A sandwich had sounded good.

"AGH!" Dias let out one last, annoyed screech, and the electrical zapping stopped. Funny enough, Dias realized, just then, that he was tired. Heh.
Jan 25, 2018, 02:11 AM
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Sometimes Atenra got restless. It was hard for him to stay in one place, even after all these years. Atenra had thought he'd settle down eventually, and that he'd want to stay in one place as time went on. ... And sometimes he did, sometimes he even though maybe he wanted to raise a family or something. He wouldn't say no, if Dante wanted to do something like that, to be fair. But other times, the wind seemed to blow just right and left him wanting to travel. ... It was an odd thing, perhaps, after the life he'd lived.

This time he'd ended up slipping away to wander around Volans - though it was nothing like he remembered it, of course. At least, not really. Years did that, of course, time changed things. Even Atenra wasn't really the same as he once had been. He'd ended up visiting the marker for each of his parents in turn, leaving flowers and spending a few moments in silence with them.

And now he was back, because he hadn't known where else to go. It was alright though, it had been about time to come home anyway. And this was really as close to home as anywhere. ... It was cheesy, but these days home was more a person than a location. Maybe that was why he was always so willing to travel, but he was always magnetized to come back eventually.

"Why do we always go if you're going to get so down?" Asarata sing-songed as Atenra hesitated on the doorstep.

The ice guardian didn't answer, instead choosing to just shake his head slightly. "It's complicated."
"I don't see what's complicated about avoiding things that upset you."
"...Says the ghost type." Grumbled the mightyena.
"Anyway, I'm not upset." Atenra retorted. "I was just thinking about something."

He wasn't sure why he'd hesitated to open the door, but it wasn't long before he thought he could hear movement within the house. Not that this was remotely strange - there were several pokemon, never mind Dante himself living here.
"...Are we going in or not?"
"Oh, right. Yeah."

... It was still weird in some little corner of Atenra's mind to just open the door here. But, it also wasn't unusual for Dante to be up to his elbows in some sort of a machine and not be able to come to the door easily. It wasn't like it was unusual for him to come by, so he had no idea why that nagging discomfort remained. About here he'd normally chalk it up to a weird hold over from being under republic control, but that didn't really make sense either.

He'd analyze that later, maybe. For now he was just going to go inside before he was actually tackled by a Metagross or something. ... What? It had happened before.
Elite Four
Jan 25, 2018, 12:56 PM
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By some odd twist of timing fate, Pierre got to the door just about at the same time as Atenra and his cluster of Pokemon. Almost every single one was inherited from one or the other of his mothers-Pierre didn't ask about it, at least not Atenra, but Dante said he had two. One was more of his step-mother than anything, but the Guardian seemed to think highly of both, so the Metagross didn't squint too hard at it. Psh, though they may as well just move in already, and that was probably what confused the Metagross the most. Albeit, it wasn't as if Dante's house was a mansion, but it did have a nice sized yard... mostly because Dante needed the room for his mechanical tinkering...

"HI, WELCOME BACK, HOW'RE YOU?!" the Metagross immediately squealed, reaching out with its long arms and-very gently-gathering them all up into a group hug. Assuming they held still, sometimes they moved. "Dante's been tinkering with an airship engine since this morning when the sun came up, do you know how long it's been?! Make him stop. Pleeeease pleasey please."

"It's not that bad," Dante's voice retorted from the living room.
"Well, Pierre wasn't lying," Rhaskos said, currently going for the kitchen for a sandwich. "It has been essentially all day..."
"Most of it," Tilly, the Furret, currently curled up on the couch and playing a sports game on the console, sing-songed.
"Oh this is where you went," Dante grumbled.
"Yep," Tilly answered. "I got bored about when you started pulling apart the hydrocoils. How do you do that without blowing yourself up, anyway?"
Dante arched an eyebrow. "Many, many years of practice." It wasn't really a lie, either. He'd been working on airships since probably ten years before the Republic fell. Much like Ryan had been, Dante had been learning all he could about the blasted things. (Neither stopped, either. Dante still went up to Calabria to drop in and swap airship tips.)

"... Pierre, are you gonna let go?"
"Oh right," and the Metagross finally released them from its death-squeeze-er, we mean, its hug. "When are you moving in, officially, anyway? You should just do that. And get married and stuff, you know it's like legal now."
"What? Honest curiosity!"
"Marriage is stuffy and formal and annoying," Dante huffed. "Hey Rhaskos, could you make me a sandwich too?"
"Sure," the Bisharp answered. "It's BLT."
"Are you guys hungry?" looking at Atenra and company, of course.
Jan 25, 2018, 11:13 PM
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"Hi there." Bemusedly as the Metagross gathered them all up and hugged them. Atenra patted Pierre gently and made no move to escape. "Doing pretty well." Yes. Atenra couldn't complain or anything like that, even if Asa thought he was moping. "And aside from making sure he takes a break to eat, I'm not making Dante do anything." Still amused. "He can spend his free time however he'd like." And if that was tinkering with engines, well, Atenra wasn't going to stop him.

Though it sounded like Dante had probably taken a break of his own accord. Which, if he'd really been at it since sunrise that wasn't surprising - that was hours ago now.

Eventually Pierre freed them, and the cluster of his pokemon broke apart a little so he could close the door and stuff finally. "You would think by now you guys would be used to Dante tinkering." Probably they were, to be fair, but he supposed it didn't necessarily mean it was obvious how he avoided being blown up by his work.

Blink. Er. That actually manage to startle Atenra into blushing slightly. "I hadn't thought about it." Murmured rather quietly. He had thought about moving in before, even about marriage. But he'd never really... pushed about it and then it had sort of gotten lost amid them doing what they both did all the time to help rebuild the world as it was. "I am aware it's legal now though. ... To be fair though we don't really need paper to tell us we like each other." So there was... that.

Not that he'd say no, but apparently Dante didn't actually like the idea, exactly. Stuffy, formal, and annoying didn't really sound like things that Dante was interested in.

"No, but thank you." Atenra responded with a smile. "So how's your day been?" ... Engine filled, of course, but you know, asking was nice.
Elite Four
Jan 26, 2018, 01:27 PM
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"Being used to it, doesn't necessarily preclude getting it," Tilly replied coolly. "Ah no nonono - crap. ... welp, guess I'm done with this game for now." Apparently, judging by the sounds the TV was making, she'd just lost.
"Prior save?" Dante asked.
"You bet."
Dante just snorted.

Pierre made a face. "Well I know that," the Metagross answered, "Pokemon don't need the paper things either, but it's just one of those weird things two-legs do, right? Hey, you guys could do a Psionic wedding. Yeah? Less stuffy and formal, yeah?"
"Does anyone even remember how to do one of those?" Rhaskos asked, presently now frying bacon.
"I dunno," Pierre answered, gaze flicking to the ceiling. "Maybe not. Hmm. Find an old Guardian, yeah? Like Viktor, yeah?"
"I'm not pestering Viktor because you think I need to get married for some strange reason," Dante grumbled, falling into a chair. ... come to think, he was tired, go figure.
"It's an important milestone!" Pierre argued. "I even have ideas for the reception!"
"For the love of KAT -"
"SHH! Don't summon her!" Pierre hushed.
Dante couldn't argue. That really was liable to summon her. It had before, even. Thus, he fell quiet, and just glared at the Metagross.

"Grating," Dante answered, still glaring at the Metagross. "Pierre decided it was bored around nine in the morning, and only just now shut up about it. You?"
Jan 28, 2018, 12:34 AM
332 Words
"...Fair." Atenra couldn't really argue with that, because it wasn't like he entirely understood how Dante did what he did - because he didn't. He wasn't nearly so good with mechanical stuff. "Aww." Quietly - but obviously in response to Tilly losing the game she was playing for the moment. At least it sounded like she had a save she could go back to and probably fix it later.

"Do you?" Atenra teased, amusedly. "Because you seem awfully into the idea." And it wasn't even a pokemon thing. Sure, it was a two-leg thing, but he didn't think it was really the end all be all of a relationship. And... well. Wedding ceremonies were painfully formal, and could be kind of boring. And okay, he did love Dante. A lot. Like, a lot a lot, and he didn't really want to live without Dante, but he didn't have to marry him to stay with him, either.

"Well, that's true." A psionic wedding would be less formal. They were looser, from what Atenra did know about the ceremonies. But... that wasn't much. And while he might have asked his parents they were obviously long gone now. "I don't think Viktor would mind, to be fair." Atenra admitted. "Not that I'm condoning this, necessarily." No, but Viktor woudln't mind, probably. He was... like that.

"Honestly, Pierre?" Atenra shook his head a bit. Ideas for a reception already. Asarata, though, looked quite intrigued. And if it weren't so obvious, she'd have probably dragged the metagross of right there to talk. Later though, later they'd work together on this.

"Oh no. I'm sorry." That really did sound grating. "Ah, not bad on my side of things." No, he couldn't complain.
Elite Four
Feb 21, 2018, 12:18 AM
571 Words
"I do," Pierre answered. "What I don't get, though, is why neither of you seem terribly into the idea. Sure, stuffy and formal, but this would be your wedding, you could probably get away with telling the stuffy and the formal to go take a long hike off a short cliff, right? Besides, everyone could use a reason to celebrate, and you could use to do something besides mope," the Metagross aimed an arm at Atenra, "and you could use to get a freakin' tan," said arm turned toward Dante.
"I don't need a tan!" Dante huffed. It was partially in exasperation, and partially in annoyance, to be fair.
"You ought do something besides mess with airships for the rest of your life! There's a lot more to it than that!" Pierre argued. "You helped build this bright new world, and you're not living in it! That's tragic!"
Dante made a face; he didn't argue, though. If only because the Metagross was right, and he knew it. He wasn't even supposed to have lived past twenty, if that, back then. Maybe it was kind of a shame he was spending all this time doing... this. Not that getting married would make that change. It wasn't like he was unhappy, though, albeit, maybe he wasn't exactly happy, either.

There were whispers, though. If you knew what to listen to, there were always whispers, and at some point, he didn't remember which, the whispers had turned down a darker path than he'd expected out of Tyrrhenia, these days. Maybe back when the Republic's Psion Tower still stood, back when everyone had a rank and file, and the entire region was basically a military, fighting itself. He tried not to think about back then. It was better, in the long run, if he didn't, but not thinking about it didn't mean he'd forgotten, how he wished it did, but it didn't. The whispers, they'd eventually grown familiar-too familiar-and maybe some part of him was waiting for war to break out again. Peace, after all, was just a break in the storm clouds of war.

"Well," Dante started, shaking his head. "Now you're here, Pierre can pester you instead." Not that the Metagross seemed to want to do that. It seemed far more interested in hounding Dante, instead, and Pierre had to have heard it... if it didn't know, maybe Dante would just leave it in the dark. Tilly, Dias, and Rhaskos didn't seem to have noticed, either. Logically, he knew seeming to notice and actually noticing were occasionally two very different things, but-eh, he was probably just being paranoid, anyway. Tyrrhenia was a different region, now. A much, much different region. It'd take a lot to end up in the same situation they'd been in back then.

He was just being paranoid.

"Either that or distract me from being annoyed, whichever." Honestly, Dante didn't mind which, at the moment.