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And Today is All You've Got, Now;
January 21, 2232

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Started by Lucretia Jaeger, Mar 02, 2018, 09:51 PM

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Don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes, this is your life, and today is all you got, now.
Mar 02, 2018, 09:51 PM
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This was, as it happened, the most daring thing she'd ever done in her life. Lucretia, after all, didn't tend to make decisions such as these, and certainly didn't wander off on her own. The only place she went by herself was the Tiernan Wood, and even there, she hadn't been going, recently. It wasn't as if dozens of other people didn't come here, sooner or later, because the Pokemon League was rather popular, for all that it also really wasn't popular at all. Lucretia had never thought about how she felt about it. Ultimately, she didn't think it really mattered, because the point wasn't the League itself, but the journey to qualify for it, at least, as far as she'd gathered. Yes, perhaps it was rather reminiscent of the Tyrrhenian Trials, when it'd still existed (it'd even reused the same badges the Trials gave out), but the purpose and intent behind the League was entirely different. Perhaps Lucretia just didn't understand it, entirely. Well, as it happened, if she still didn't get it, after graduating from school and doing rather well in history, likely, she never really would.

To be honest about it, Lucretia had no idea what starter she wanted. She hadn't exactly thought about it for longer than, perhaps, a few seconds. As long as it was friendly, she didn't terribly mind which one she ended up leaving the Professor's with. Maybe a lot of new trainers felt that way. It made sense; if a trainer cared at all about Pokemon, they wouldn't really mind which starter they got too much. Unless, of course, they had some sort of strategic plan in regard to the gyms. Lucretia hadn't thought about that, whatsoever, and now she was starting to worry, a bit. Should she think about it? Did she need a strategic plan, or could she get by on more or less winging it? That was a difficult call to make. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to ask Professor Hawthorne that, likely Lucretia wouldn't be the first that did, but her nerves probably wouldn't settle out enough for her to be able to.

She should get over her nerves, and go in the door, already. As was rather normal for her, incidentally, she found herself staring at the door, and not moving, for at least a solid ten minutes. It wasn't as if she was paying attention, even ignoring her phone, for the most part. Her friends hadn't noticed she wasn't home any more, just yet. None of them had started bombarding her phone with concerned texts and distressed calls. Heh, she only had one friend, anyway, and she wouldn't call just him enough to be bombarding anything. Maybe with some help from his mother, but most likely, she'd be too busy to manage to be any significant help. It wasn't her fault; being an adult was just kind of draining on your time. Besides, they were something of a unique situation, anyway. His mother was the only one working.

It was just a door. It was just a door. And all she had to do, was open it. It took several more seconds of working up the courage, but, finally, finally, she reached out, opened the door, and scooted in. The entryway was nice, with a really gorgeous wooden floor, looked like oak, wood staircase and banister, very shiny... Lucretia had managed to open the door, but, she wasn't so sure she'd go wandering around. Instead, she settled down by the door, setting her backpack on the floor and crossing her legs. She'd wait. It wasn't as if she was in any hurry, or anything.

Elite Four
Overlord of Destruction
Thus I clothe my naked villainy, with odd ends stolen forth from holy writ, and seem a saint, when most, I play the devil.
Mar 03, 2018, 07:05 PM
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He'd been looking for something. Somewhere in these archives in the back of Antonia's lab, he thought he remembered seeing a few of the firsthand accounts from the Psion Project. Suyis had, of course, kept them, because something like that needed not to be destroyed, but preserved, preferably forever, that Tyrrhenia never forgot. Unfortunately, it'd seem they were forgetting, and Suyis thought it nigh time someone reminded them. This was, after all, why he'd kept the records for so long. Some of them were, as it happened, rather terrible to read, difficult even for someone such as him. But that was at least partly the point.

As it happened, Antonia had gone somewhere else today, off to visit another researcher in the region, and Suyis, being as he was here, had taken up the mantle of caring for the laboratory while she was gone, with Beryl's help, of course. The two were managing alright, but Antonia had only been gone since that morning. There was still plenty of time for something to go terribly wrong, Suyis would know it. So far, so good, at least.

He set the folder he was rifling through down on the desk, reaching for his coffee, but he heard the door open. Ah, Antonia had said she wasn't expecting visitors, perhaps this was a new trainer (a rather late new trainer, but, he wasn't judging). He stood, instead, shuffling out into the entryway. Ah, Lucretia. He should've expected that, but then, he couldn't pay attention to everything going on in the world all at once. Perhaps he should give himself some leeway. Well, Suyis never was much for leeway, for anyone, but, far much less for himself.

"You must be here for a starter," Suyis mentioned. "Unfortunately Professor Hawthorne isn't here at the moment, but, I can get you going. We're headed that way," he went on, pointing down the hall, and then turning that way himself. "Oh, I'm Suyis but I answer to jerkwad."