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Viktor and Lucius, if you please. January 22, 2232

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Started by Suyis Lucain, Jan 31, 2018, 10:07 PM

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Mar 06, 2018, 10:41 PM
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Vicki. That was kind of cute. And also a little childish, but he couldn't really find it in him to mind. Because... well. Because this was Lucius and Viktor couldn't really bring himself to mind much of anything that that Lucius did, unless it put the other man in danger. Then he minded, a lot. That was different though, Viktor supposed. "Ah, no you hadn't before." Just saying that. "Not that I mind the nickname." Not really. See aforementioned he had a hard time minding anything Lucius did. Especially right now when he'd only just gotten him back.

Besides, there were plenty of way worse things he could be being called.

Oh boy, jumping straight to the difficult questions. But of Lucius remembered the forest it was pretty obvious why he'd felt the need to ask about it. "Yes, the there was a forest up here. The Tiernan Wood." Explaining, in brief. "This area is now called the Tiernan meadows, but, after the Wood finished cleaning the area it... migrated downward. Later I'll show you a map of where it is now." Yeah, that would be easier for Lucius to visualize, he thought. Which, given the other had no memories, being able to visualize things would probably be way easier. Since essentially everything was an abstract concept at the moment.

To be fair though, they'd spent a relatively large amount of time in the Wood even when it was here. Viktor thought he'd leave that alone for a moment.

"Yes~?" Suddenly the Drifblim's airy voice seemed to come from right next to them - and in fact the pokemon was only a few feet away when she appeared.
"Could you go and find Zari for me?"
"Sure." And then she was gone, almost as suddenly as she had come.

"So, fair warning, aside from the Drifblim there is an Aegislash somewhere in the fields. He's mostly harmless but that doesn't stop him from being creepy." Yeah.

And maybe he'd just not explain 'Zari' until the cottonball was here, unless Lucius actually remembered her himself.