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Welcome to Geomancy! We're an original region Pokemon game with a dark history. Feel free to look around, and if you have any questions, you can ask in the chat-box at the bottom of the site. We're also kiddo-friendly, but have mature areas for older players!

Starter Guide

Welcome to Geomancy! We're glad to have you. Most of Geomancy should be relatively familiar to those that are familiar with the Pokemon franchise, so, you shouldn't need to read too much. This page goes over the joining and applying process, and you can check the What to Read section so you know what's important to read per your character's race and type.


The first thing you'll need to do, is register for an account on the forum. We ask that you register with your out of character alias first, and then use the SubAccounts system to set up subsequent characters. Without setting up an OOC account first, your character account(s) will never appear on the member list, and this creates a central account for all OOC interactions (posting in OOC areas, which account to send PMs to, a name to call everyone, etc).


Next step is applying. Geomancy has a very simplistic way of handling this. Simply get into your forum profile, fill the fields out as much, or as little, as you'd prefer, get into the Battle Suite and set up any moves and Pokemon your character may have (they may start with nothing), and then click the name at the top of the site on the bar, find Group Membership, and request to join a group. You do not need to fill in a reason for your join request, the system just happens to have it.

Yep, that easy!

Starting Gear

All beginning trainers start with no skills, and no Pokemon.
However, characters that are intended to be established researchers, coordinators, doctors, breeders, etc, may begin with skills and Pokemon already. In this case, players are asked to use their best judgement when choosing skill levels for their character. They may not go above Class 5-0, and may not have a power rating above 70. The same applies for their Pokemon.

Elite Four applicants may go up to Class 7-0, and have power ratings at or below 90. We only have one Elite Four slot left.

Battle Suite

So what's this whatsit about a Sweet thing?

The Battle Suite is an in-house coded doodad for managing skills, Pokemon and their skills, and generating random Pokemon for wild encounters. The Battle Suite handles everything from automatically tracking skill points, happiness points, and Link percentages, to actually figuring skill success and failure, calculating damage output, managing power rating and multi-hit modifiers, handling critical hits, etc. The only things it does not do are:
  • Manage HP calculation automatically. It will handle HP calculating for users, but they'll have to input the correct HP numbers before it will bother with them. This is because the HP calculator cannot determine for itself what numbers to use to track HP.
  • Track skills with an effect, status, or similar, that lasts more than one turn.
  • Properly delay damage output for skills that should be delayed a turn or two (Future Sight and Bide).
Yep. That's all it won't do. It is amazing. When Battle Suite 4.1 or 4.2 are released, these are intended to, at the time of release, handle the above three things the Suite doesn't do. There's also a Faction system, and a Quest system (which will auto-DM quests), in the works for RC4. Give it a try before you decide you dislike it. It's actually quite fun, and it can be worked around. One is only limited by their imagination, tactical ability, and reading comprehension. The Suite just makes sure that no one tries to play unfairly, nor those that cannot write battle scenes as well as others are instantly creamed.
While there is a free-form mode, abuse of it will end in it being disabled for the offending user and all of their SubAccounts. Furthermore, official Pokemon League battles are only run with the rollers on. Unrelated battle tournaments and trainer battles may, at times, accept free-form players. If you want to free-form, and intend to eventually take on the League, you will have to use the Suite's controls anyway when posting, even with free-form mode on, because otherwise, your skill levels will be far too low to handle a gym leader.

Setting up with the Battle Suite is really simple. Just follow the on-screen prompts; everything is labeled according to what it does and what it's for. If you see a feature or setting you don't understand what does, please see the Suite Guide. That page goes over all of the semantic details of how the Suite operates and what each setting is for. If the setting you're seeing isn't on that page, please contact a staff member, or @Arceus (Arceus made the thing).

What to Read

Available Races:
The Dae are mechanical, sometimes entirely artificial. Organic Dae, as they are called, are normal human Tyrrhenians that needed to be part mechanical for some reason or another; either they were injured very badly, or became extremely ill and were unable to be easily saved otherwise.

Guardians are the original inhabitants of Tyrrhenia, and the first line of Tyrrhenia's defense. Unlike human Tyrrhenians, Guardians have no need for Poke Balls, instead forming a lasting, soul-deep bond with their Pokemon partners called a Link. Through this Link, they grow stronger together, truly and entirely.

The second original inhabitants of Tyrrhenia, Pokemon are many and varied. Tyrrhenia has its own, native Pokemon, that are only known to be found in Tyrrhenia. Some Pokemon have changed since the arrival of the United Republic and its subsequent defeat, but most remain more or less the same as other regions would know them.

Your average, every-day human, Tyrrhenians are somewhat low in population, but they prefer it that way. It is said that humans were at one time the same race as Pokemon, and a great disaster caused them to change and lose their typing. Such a theory has been come to independently across the world many times, but none have yet solidly proven it. People and Pokemon often work together to better their homes and livelihoods.

History (at least skim it)
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