Battle Suite
Welcome to Geomancy! We're an original region Pokemon game with a dark history. Feel free to look around, and if you have any questions, you can ask in the chat-box at the bottom of the site. We're also kiddo-friendly, but have mature areas for older players!


Geomancy's mechanics may seem a little daunting at first glance, but much of it is tracked and or handled by the system for our users, so there is very little one needs to do by hand.

At the head of the mechanics is the Battle Suite, version 4.0 RC3, which is designed to automate most of the tediousness. One still needs to track HP and multi-turn effects, as well as put off damage that is delayed until it should actually take effect. This is it. This is all that's required to track manually. Table-top systems are not particularly popular in play-by-post games, but we hope to change this with the advent of the Suite.

You can write around it. All the Suite does is tell you whether it hit or missed, ensuring that no one power-plays, and how much damage it dealt. It's up to you where it goes from there. Get creative. It can be fun and still lend to creativity; you can even invalidate the rollers' results with a dodge.

We will note, however, that there is a free-form mode available with Suite 4. But, if this feature is abused, it can and will be disabled for offending parties and all of their characters.

The Battle Suite Guide
This page will go over the details of how to operate the Battle Suite, and details about each feature of the Suite and how it's set up to work. You do not have to memorize any of the specifics of how it's set up, much of this is automated.

How battling works, how to operate the Battle Suite's rollers, how to denote use of items in threads, and how to handle secondary effects, damage delays (think Future Sight/Bide), and how to handle status effects.

This page goes over how capturing Pokemon works here. There's another section that covers befriending and how Linking works (for Guardians).

The specifics of how Pokemon evolution is handled here. There is another section that covers how Mega Evolution works here. Z-Moves are not available on Geomancy.

Happiness and Link
While automatic a tracking function, this page covers how happiness and Link percentage are handled here.

Item System
Caps earning, item acquisition, trading, selling, buying, and similar.

Quest System
How to work the quest rollers, what quests are for, how they're laid out, and a little bit about ideally how to write one.