Battle Suite
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Gyms and Badges

Tyrrhenia features eight gyms to defeat, and earn a badge from. What order one goes in really doesn't matter, as if a gym leader is too powerful for them, they can pull their punches and roll damage at a more easily tolerable level.

One is forewarned, however: the Elite Four and onward DO NOT under-roll, and ALL official League battles are done with the rollers ON. While players can still use free-form mode for battles outside of the League, if one intends to take the League at some point, they should roll anyway while free-forming. The results do not show while free-form mode is toggled on, but moves are rolled and points awarded as normal in the background. Otherwise, the Elite Four will be too strong when one gets to them.

Crotonia Gym

Current Leader: @Soren Casey

Sardoney Gym

Current Leader: @Andrei and @Dmitri Antares

Gennesar Gym

Current Leader: ???

Lydis Gym

Current Leader: ???

Aegea Gym

Current Leader: @Jack Volkov

Calabria Gym

Current Leader: @Ryan Lancaster-White

Naqada Gym

Current Leader: ???

Thursis Gym

Current Leader: ???

Elite Four

@Jadyka Maitra

@Suyis Maitra-Lucain

@Dante Park



(The Champion IS decided on, this position is not open.)