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Welcome to Geomancy! We're an original region Pokemon game with a dark history. Feel free to look around, and if you have any questions, you can ask in the chat-box at the bottom of the site. We're also kiddo-friendly, but have mature areas for older players!

Character Types

There are two kinds of character types: the member groups, and the races. Any race can be in any member group, and one is not necessarily automatically inclusive of the other, but both are important to some extent to character building.

Member Groups
There are six member groups on Geomancy, seven if you count the Champion group, which only one character can be in at a time. This page gives a quick, short run-down of each member group, its function, and what types of characters would be suited to being in it. This way, members can make an easy choice as to which group to apply for when they're done with their preliminary things.

Race is separate from group, as the member groups don't run on race. There are, however, several different races one can be part of on Geomancy. If you want just a normal human, you'll want a Tyrrhenian.  There are five races that are playable, with an extra available only as import from Imperion (the character must exist and have been established on Imperion as that sixth race already before being played here).