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Lucretia Jaeger
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Full Name: Lucretia Serena Jaeger
Age: 21
Birth Date: February 8
Gender: Female
Species: Tyrrhenian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White (bleached)
Height: 5' 5"
Slender and petite, not quite to the too petite level, but certainly somewhat close. It isn't rare that people comment on how Lucretia really ought to eat more, but she is young, and her metabolism is particularly fast at the moment, that's all. It'll slow down, in a few decades, give or take.

Unique Features:
Her hair is white. She also has a few tattoos, and her nose and lip are pierced.

Living Space:
Currently, she stays in Pokemon Centres, whenever she can find one, and if not, she's got a roomy two-room tent. Yes, she can put it up.

Play-By: Lonnback, Alexandra

Most consider Lucretia to be, perhaps a little too much so, rather weird. She has odd, for her age group, tastes in music and fashion, and while most figured, when she was a teenager, she would've eventually grown out of it, she never really did. If anything, the insistence it was all just a phase tended to make her cling harder to her oddities, because, Lucretia's always figured, the only person you can really be, is you, so you may as well be you quite loudly and proudly.

Admittedly, it got her picked on and bullied over the years in school, and she's more often the quiet girl in the back, minding her own business. So long as other people mind theirs, she doesn't really care what other people think. She isn't, as it happens, in existence to gain their approval, and the only approval she's ever really wanted was her mother's, and she won't get that any time soon, so, oh well.

Still, she doesn't generally take conflict very well. Much of the time, she'll prefer to shy away from it, and may actually back down from situations and people that she should stand up to. This is, perhaps, a driving reason behind her deciding to take part in the Pokemon League; she knows, rather well, that she needs to learn to stand on her own two feet, and not be so easy to knock over.

All in all, Lucretia's a good friend, she has so few that the ones she does have she tends to fawn over, bringing little gifts here and there. Ultimately, though, she is rather clingy and can get dependent on particularly outgoing friends, because she has such a hard time finding her own way.

Her family were no one particularly important. Her father, a simple man from a farming family, her mother, a city girl. The two probably were never really meant to get along, and mind, they really didn't, ultimately. Lucretia's mother was too much of a city-slicker to be happy in the wilds of Tyrrhenia, the untouched, untainted lands of the Tiernan Meadows, and her father found the towers of steel and glass to be unnatural and unwelcoming. Still, they remained in the city, anyway. Lucretia and her elder sister Danica, were born and raised in Pavo, all things considered, not a terrible place to grow up.

Danica took after their mother, angling to become a highly respected and capable businesswoman. Lucretia, on the other hand, found her heart beat to the rhythm of the forests, often drawn to the Tiernan Wood itself, as every little beat of her pulse was echoed in the stillness of the Wood, if she listened hard enough to hear it. She was never a particularly outgoing child, and never had many troubles in school, but when her homework was done and the chores were finished, she was out there, climbing some odd tree or another, lost in the winding maze that was the Wood, or just sitting in the grass watching the stars pass overhead.

Despite this, mind, Lucretia isn't much of a wanderer. She just wants her feet firmly planted on the ground, preferably in the grass or a stream.

Her father eventually changed profession, becoming a miner. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bad thing, as he died a few years later in a cave-in. Without her father around, her mother became increasingly more difficult to deal with, and Lucretia was more often not home. At some point, she may as well have moved into the Wood. As she had few friends, she tended to stay with the Wood, instead of with a friend. Danica graduated from Erebos University, and moved out, leaving Lucretia with their mother, whom had turned to gambling and spirit to ease whatever pain she held in her heart.

After Lucretia graduated from high school, she first got a job to support herself, and moved out soon after. It was a studio flat, rather than anything particularly impressive, but it was home enough. A friend eventually suggested she start on the journey of a Pokemon Trainer, and while Lucretia hadn't thought of it before, to be honest, after it was suggested, she did wonder why not.

Here she is. Moments before her first step toward becoming League Champion, if she's even good enough to win herself to the top. She's nervous, but most are at this stage, likely. Who knows? Somewhere out there, may be where she's meant to be. Or who she is meant to be.

And Today is All You've Got, Now;
Mar 02, 2018, 09:51 PM
This was, as it happened, the most daring thing she'd ever done in her life. Lucretia, after all, didn't tend to make decisions such as these, and certainly didn't wander off on her own. The only place she went by herself was the Tiernan Wood, and even there, she hadn't been going, recently. It wasn't as if dozens of other people didn't come here, sooner or later, because the Pokemon League was rather popular, for all that it also really wasn't popular at all. Lucretia had never thought about how she felt about it. Ultimately, she didn't think it really mattered, because the point wasn't the League itself, but the journey to qualify for it, at least, as far as she'd gathered. Yes, perhaps it was rather reminiscent of the Tyrrhenian Trials, when it'd still existed (it'd even reused the same badges the Trials gave out), but the purpose and intent behind the League was entirely different. Perhaps Lucretia just didn't understand it, entirely. Well, as it happened, if she still didn't get it, after graduating from school and doing rather well in history, likely, she never really would.

To be honest about it, Lucretia had no idea what starter she wanted. She hadn't exactly thought about it for longer than, perhaps, a few seconds. As long as it was friendly, she didn't terribly mind which one she ended up leaving the Professor's with. Maybe a lot of new trainers felt that way. It made sense; if a trainer cared at all about Pokemon, they wouldn't really mind which starter they got too much. Unless, of course, they had some sort of strategic plan in regard to the gyms. Lucretia hadn't thought about that, whatsoever, and now she was starting to worry, a bit. Should she think about it? Did she need a strategic plan, or could she get by on more or less winging it? That was a difficult call to make. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to ask Professor Hawthorne that, likely Lucretia wouldn't be the first that did, but her nerves probably wouldn't settle out enough for her to be able to.

She should get over her nerves, and go in the door, already. As was rather normal for her, incidentally, she found herself staring at the door, and not moving, for at least a solid ten minutes. It wasn't as if she was paying attention, even ignoring her phone, for the most part. Her friends hadn't noticed she wasn't home any more, just yet. None of them had started bombarding her phone with concerned texts and distressed calls. Heh, she only had one friend, anyway, and she wouldn't call just him enough to be bombarding anything. Maybe with some help from his mother, but most likely, she'd be too busy to manage to be any significant help. It wasn't her fault; being an adult was just kind of draining on your time. Besides, they were something of a unique situation, anyway. His mother was the only one working.

It was just a door. It was just a door. And all she had to do, was open it. It took several more seconds of working up the courage, but, finally, finally, she reached out, opened the door, and scooted in. The entryway was nice, with a really gorgeous wooden floor, looked like oak, wood staircase and banister, very shiny... Lucretia had managed to open the door, but, she wasn't so sure she'd go wandering around. Instead, she settled down by the door, setting her backpack on the floor and crossing her legs. She'd wait. It wasn't as if she was in any hurry, or anything.

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