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Deirdre Madden
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Full Name: Deirdre Faith Madden
Age: 22
Birth Date: December 1st
Gender: Female
Species: Tyrrhenian
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'5"
Deirdre stands at the height of 5'5" and weighs about 125 pounds. The young woman was born with brown hair, which had been inherited from her mother. It's very soft and somewhat thin, giving her a soft and delicate appearance. It is usually kept down while at work, but most of it is also pulled up during special occasions. Deirdre's eyes are a soft hazel, though they are rather large and round which makes her appear slightly younger than she really is. She has pale skin that is free of any blemishes, except for a single small birthmark that can be found on the back of her neck.

Deirdre normally dresses up in clothing that consists of soft colors, such as yellow, beige or white. However, that doesn't mean that she isn't opposed to having dark-colored attire, such as black or dark red. During the cold seasons, Deirdre wears a red coat in which the hems touch her knees, and the sleeves are long enough to cover the top half of her hands. However, just because the air has become cold doesn't mean that it stops her from wearing the occasional skirt. She wears black leggings with brown boots that reach above her ankles

Play-By: Collins, Lily

Deirdre is very mature for her age, having been exposed to the harsh reality of her father's lifestyle. Many other women her age would have dreamed of leaving their hometown to explore the wilds of the world; meet new people, see new places. However, that wasn't supposed to happen for Deirdre. While she had wanted to explore what awaited her outside, she was taught at a very young age that the world was filled with evil people and that there would be many individuals that would seek to harm her. She began to believe her father's words, thus was she forced to be an adult instead of a girl who deserved a childhood. There are those who would describe her as quiet, for she barely spoke to anyone outside of her home. She's calm and collected, keeping to herself most of the time.

In truth, Deirdre grew up believing that everyone had an ulterior motive; that they were not to be trusted. While she wanted to make friends with people her age and be free to roam the world, she was trapped in her father's clutches, and it made her feel like she was being treated like an object instead of a human being. Despite having a genuine heart of gold and wanting to reach out to other people, she developed a distrust towards individuals because of how she was raised. She was conflicted with her own emotions, the difference between right and wrong, and lastly, who she was supposed to trust.

However, after she managed to escape from her father's toxic household, Deirdre became more open towards people who wanted to get closer to her. She is slowly but surely learning how to trust others, as well as expressing her emotions in a more positive way. While it will take time and patience for her to come out of her shell, she has the potential to become a woman whose selfless acts help others.

You were born an only child to Nathan and Fiona Madden, raised in Hydra City all your life. Before you came into the world, your mother was a doctor, treating both humans and Pokemon alike. She had come across your father who had been suffering from a violent Pokemon attack, and she did everything she could to help him get through the stages. Eventually, the two of them fell in love, not once parting from each other. Rumors had spread that your father hadn't been himself ever since the wedding; that he had been cheating on Fiona, and that his paranoia and dislike of Pokemon was getting worse by the day. While the rumors of adultery were false, the latter was, unfortunately, very accurate. He became possessive of his wife, not wanting her to leave the house for he feared that the "monsters" would come after her. Nathan had become paranoid, suspicious, and distrusting of others around him. HIs fear of Pokemon had also begun to consume him. It worried and frightened Fiona, but she continued to love him unconditionally despite the warnings that he would only get worse.

The day you were born was supposed to be a happy occasion, a day filled with tears of joy and laughter. You were supposed to live a life filled with happiness, yet that all changed when your mother passed away after giving birth to you. Nathan had become grief-stricken, and thus did he decide to keep you all to himself; not once letting you leave the house in fear of losing you. You grew up with your father's paranoia guiding your every step in life, not once letting you stay out of the house for more than an hour. Most importantly, you were to never go out after dark. Nathan had told you that it was the time when the "monsters" would appear.

However, the only exception for when you were able to leave was during school hours. Even then, your freedom was restricted, and you weren't given the option to befriend anyone your age. Your school days were probably the hardest and the loneliest days you ever had to experience, and they would continue until the day you graduate high school.

As you grew older, your father's suffocating grip was starting to take its toll on you. You wanted to make friends, meet new people, explore the world around you. Nathan would not hear of it, however, absolutely refusing to let you leave. You had made a couple attempts to sneak out while he was asleep, yet he always seemed to catch you, locking you up in your room after a flurry of yells and screams coming from him. You were frightened by him, and never did you want to see him in that state again. Thus, you decided to follow his rules. Eventually, you started developing that same paranoia and became distrustful of others yourself. This was not what you wanted to be...

Years rolled on, and when you turned 19 years old, you had come to the conclusion that you wanted to finally leave the house. You developed your own opinions and thoughts, yet your emotions were conflicted with one another. You confronted your father about spreading your wings, but he was absolutely furious. The argument lasted for at least thirty minutes, shouts and screams exchanged back and forth, until... It had ended with a slap. He had hit you because you had dared to fight back. Because you had dared to become your own person. With tears blurring your vision, his words stung like a burn to the heart. He had disowned you right then and there, screaming at you to leave and to never come back.

And so you did. You left, and not once did you look back. Despite the heartache and hurt, you were out on your own. You were finally free. However, you had nowhere to go and nobody to turn to, and the very thought terrified you. That was when an old friend of your mother's offered you a place to stay, despite your wariness and your skeptic behavior towards the elderly woman made that very clear. Yet, you accepted the offer after much thought, and it turned out to be the best decision you had ever made.

This woman who was simply known as Grace gave you food, clothing, and shelter until you were old enough and had earned enough money to move out on your own. For your first part-time job, you worked as a waitress and thus learned how to deal with people a lot better. While it didn't pay all that much, you still were given enough to get by. After having worked at the local cafe for several months, you were able to purchase an apartment with a single bedroom. However, Grace had contributed in helping you afford your new living space, despite your protests.

A short year had passed, and you continued working for the cafe of Hydra. The day Grace left the world of the living was a day that broke your heart, more than leaving your father ever had. She had no children of her own, and she had outlived her husband who died of cancer before you had come into her life. You stayed by her side as she took her last breath, and for the first time in a long time, you allowed yourself to cry.

Another year later, you left the cafe to pursue your dream of becoming a Pokemon Trainer. A week after you've turned 22, word had spread of your father committing suicide. The blame and the self-hatred began to flow through you like poison in your veins. The only question that remained was this: was leaving your father truly worth earning your freedom?

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