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We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.
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The First Step
Mar 06, 2018, 04:33 PM
Daren considered the other figure for a moment, tilting his head just slightly to one side. Well, he supposed a headache might be a good reason to want to go back and wait for another day. On the other hand, headaches weren't all that hard to remedy, either, most of the time. He wondered, idly, if it had anything to do with the moment in which he'd shared information about pokemon that they didn't know. ... And if that was what had caused it, Daren had to admit he felt kind of responsible, in some way.

"Oh is that it?" Is what he said though. For a moment he pulled his backpack around and rummaged in one of the pockets before holding out a bottle to Diego. Pain pills of a rather common sort. What? His mom had insisted on packing him the makings of a pretty useful first aid kit. Which, if he had it, why not use it, right? Right. Exactly.

Blink. Daren was, for just a moment, confused by that response. "You seem like a pretty nice guy." Came the response after his confusion had faded a little. "And because I think it'd be fun, traveling together." Daren decided not to share that odd attraction that he felt to the both of them, because that was probably a little weird. Granted, no weirder than Diego's outbursts, but that wasn't the point really.

Fate it seemed had brought a Firoul first. Daren's attention was drawn to the flickering ball of fire, though there was something decidedly different about it. "Well hello there." Softly, almost more to himself than the Firoul. Daren didn't move far from where he was already standing - some part of him afraid of scaring it off the way the Arcanine always seemed to go the moment she realized he was paying attention.

Of course the starters probably were less likely to do that than strange probably-mostly wild Arcanine were.
The First Step
Feb 02, 2018, 12:27 AM
There was a draw to these two, that Daren couldn't really explain. He wasn't sure he'd ever really understand that odd half feeling of forgetting something. But, he did feel bad for the kid, because this was a very rough way of living, halfway between remembering and not - if Daren thought his odd feelings were rough, he coulnd't imagine what it was like to know and then suddenly not know.

"Well.. I guess you could." Daren frowned a little. "But you're here now, and it shouldn't take that long to find one." He shrugged - keeping his tone light and friendly. But ... Diego was here, and if he got his now they would have better luck traveling together. Not that Daren was necessarily in a rush to leave after this. But... it wasn't like Di had explained why he wanted to do this tomorrow instead, and honestly if this had anything to do with what he'd said.... it was silly to put it off. Diego had been the most excited of any of them for starters today.

So this was where they would find the starters. It was a rather open area, so they were certainly going to have to explore a bit to find what they were looking for. ... And Daren still didn't really know what he wanted for a starter.

He'd figure it out eventually. "When you are ready, would you like to travel together?" Asking Diego - because it wasn't actually very fair to make decisions around the idea of them traveling together without consulting him first.
The First Step
Jan 28, 2018, 09:09 AM
A glance at Diego, and a small smile despite his initial confusion. "The arcanine that shows up around me sometimes. Her name is Ember." Which Diego had just hold him, but it felt right and he was going to add it to his arsenal at the moment. Because it felt right, she was Ember. And whether he'd accepted it before or not, Ember was following him.

What? It was easier to at least try and take it in stride than it was to keep insisting to the kid who didn't remember that he'd said something weird. ... And he had a feeling Diego got enough of that as it was.

Seth had something called Dialga following him. It wanted to be familiar, really, but it wasn't. Daren didn't know what that Pokemon was, and he didn't think he was going to figure it out any time soon.

Apparently the girl saw fit to explain what a Dialga was. Legendary of Time. Well, no wonder the name had felt important, but he wasn't sure... hm. He shouldn't have known that. It wasn't something he'd ever come across reading, or anything like that.

Daren shrugged. "It probably doesn't matter much." How he'd forgotten, that was. The point was, he apparently had - and maybe it didn't matter how. Daren was curious too, in his way.

Wha- that voice. It came from everywhere and no where - it belonged to the girl. But it was... Daren had stopped in his tracks and stared at her. That sounded like a rough way to live. ... Daren didn't really know how to respond, and he wasn't sure he wanted to keep talking about the kid out loud.

But he would think about it. And maybe she was right, it might be fun to all travel together. Daren glanced at Seth, and then back at the girl. Besides, staying with Seth felt right, even though he didn't know why. But Daren had a feeling there were going to be many things on this journey that he couldn't really explain, and he may as well get used to it.

"It's nice to meet you both." Daren said in a mild tone, despite the fact that he still wasn't entirely sure what to think of the Mismagius. "Sounds good." That was what they were here for, after all. Starters.

They'd just gained a puzzle in the process.
The First Step
Jan 26, 2018, 11:36 PM
"Dragonair are pretty." Daren commented after a moment. "I want an Growlithe one day." It was arbitrary sounding, but that was okay, he didn't mind. So, Seth wanted dragon types, and Diego liked water types, and he also had an Alolan Vulpix plushie that seemed to imply he should go that angle eventually. And then there was Daren wanting his fire types. For... some reason. He was sure there were reasons, but you know.

...The right one? Hm. "I mean I guess that's possible. But there are only three starters, and already knowing the 'right' one doesn't change what our options are." ... Like the sentiment didn't really make sense to Daren. Unless Diego meant not starting with a 'starter' at all, which Daren supposed was possible. But it didn't really answer what the right one was. Except, well, he'd mentioned he kind of wanted a Growlithe, but he didn't think that was... unless it was. But hm.

Blink. "How did you know about the Arcanine? I never told anyone about her." And yet somehow the name felt right. Felt... like he'd known it deep in his soul for all the years since he saw her for the first time. Ember. She was Ember and she was important. Sometimes there, and sometimes not, coming and going as a wild pokemon was wont to do and yet... not wild at all.

Er. And then he went back to talking normally. But he didn't really know the answer to whether it was okay for them to wander around or not.

Oh. There was someone else there now. Daren's attention flicked to her.

... Didn't remember saying that? But he'd literally said it only a moment ago. "... Right." Okay. Didn't remember saying it. ... Dialga? That name didn't quite make sense.

"Right, yeah we were." Instead of lingering on the confusion of the moment. That was probably for the best.
The First Step
Jan 25, 2018, 03:43 PM
Sounds right? That was an odd reaction to two strangers offering their names. Daren just smiled at the other absently, and decided not to think about it too hard. Diego, apparently. It was a nice enough name.

"Awww." It was cute. Just a plushie, but still cute.

"True, if she only had one of each and five or six trainers showed up in one day... that would be pretty messy." Yeah, it would be. Go figure. And it didn't really make sense, given it wasn't really planned out.

Daren's parents were not entirely sure what to make of his wanting to be a trainer. Neither of them were particularly thrilled with the idea behind the League, said it was going to be a disaster. Daren wasn't sure he agreed - which was why he was here. They hadn't tried to stop him, but they hadn't encouraged him either.

Still, Daren was sure if there was some scheduling to this that they'd heard about, they would have told him, not just let him stumble into it face first.

"I'm sure when you meet them you'll be able to make a choice." Daren sounded relatively confident. "If nothing else personality matters and all." Yeah, and there was no telling what they'd be like until they actually met the starters so... he wasn't worried about Seth not being able to pick.

Daren shrugged a bit. "I always thought Espurr was cute." Then again, his mom had a Meowstic partner, so he was probably biased, a bit. He couldn't deny that ghost types were a little unsettling - he'd been thinking that himself when faced with the prospect of meeting Professor Hawthorne's ghosts single handedly. But... he was sure they made good partners. Daren supposed though that the vibe of knowing too much was probably pretty accurate.

Since, well, they were dead, and probably really did know things most people didn't.
The First Step
Jan 25, 2018, 11:38 AM
Well, Daren had been right about one thing, it wasn't long before he was no longer alone in this part of the lab. But, ah, the person who joined him looked to be about his age. Probably another beginning trainer, given there were no pokemon that immediately followed him inside. Daren smiled at the other brightly. "Oh, I just got here. You aren't late or anything." Not by any means. It wasn't like Professor Hawthorne was already halfway through whatever introduction she had or anything.

... He had no idea if they were really supposed to wait here or if they were supposed to venture further in. Ah... hm. Something to figure out. "I'm Daren." When the other introduced himself. Seth, apparently. "It's nice to meet you." What? It was. Just because they ultimately would have to go head to head against the gyms and the champion didn't mean they couldn't make friends along the way, right? Right. In fact Daren was pretty sure part of the point was to make friends with people and pokemon. But it wasn't like the League had been around very long, so his perception could be a bit skewed.

Oh. And there was a third. Daren studied the third for a moment, this one was clearly more excited and less nervous than he was.

Daren let out a short laugh. "I don't mind, at least." At the other's request. He hadn't really come with a partner in mind, to be fair. He'd just... figured he would see them and know or something like that. Maybe it wasn't that simple - but it had seemed to be, when he found himself remembering the Arcanine. ... One day, he would have a growlithe, Daren was absolutely certain of it.

"So, I'm Daren." Because as he'd already concluded with Seth, names were nice things to share.
The First Step
Jan 24, 2018, 06:31 PM
(If the date needs altering, just kick me)

Daren had known for a long time that he wanted to be a trainer. ... Probably since he was ten or so, really. He'd had his first encounter with the Arcanine back then, and it had left an impression on him - but he'd wanted to finish school, and his parents had insisted anyway. But he was an adult now, and he'd graduated at least. And... here he was. Daren was a little nervous, actually, even though he'd made this decision a long time ago. Not so much in the sense that he was afraid he was making the wrong choice, but in the sense that life was going to change drastically going forward, and there was really no clear cut path for a trainer.

That was part of the draw though, part of the excitement - the unknown aspect of being a trainer. What sort of partner would he have? What sorts of new pokemon would he meet along his journey? But to get anywhere he needed to talk to professor Hawthorne. Because, of course, any trainer's journey started with talking with the professor to get their very first pokemon.

The young man took a deep breath before forging on down the road that would lead him to his intended destination. Daren paused outside for a moment, steeling himself against the ghost types that were known to make their home in the lab. They were... probably not particularly dangerous, he knew, but Ghost types could always be a little testy.

Still, Daren didn't linger long before he nudged open the door to the lab and... stopped somewhere near the entrance realizing that he didn't exactly know where he was going, and he probably didn't want to get lost in the lab. Being lost wasn't fun at the best of times, and, well, a lab full of ghosts wasn't generally what he'd consider 'best'.

...He wondered how that arcanine was doing, anyway. Probably he'd never really know the answer to that question, but Daren still couldn't help but wonder sometimes what happened to people he briefly crossed paths with.
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