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Play-By: Reedus, Norman

Offense / Physical
Class 8-5 [ 850 / 900 ]
Describe the An attack that may shock the foe into flinching.here.
Secondary Effect: Flinch, 30% for 0 turns
Power Rating: 30
Status / Special
Class 5-0 [ 500 / 900 ]
Skill used to make friends with pokemon he intends to link with.
Flash Cannon
Offense / Special
Class 7-5 [ 750 / 900 ]
Energy Based Steel type attack.
Power Rating: 80
Mirror Shot
Offense / Special
Class 7-0 [ 700 / 900 ]
The user looses a flash of energy. It may lower the target's accuracy. -1 Accuracy. Stacks up to 4 times.
Secondary Effect: -1 Accuracy, 10% for 0 turns
Power Rating: 65
Shadow Ball
Offense / Special
Class 9-0 [ 900 / 900 ]
Ghost-Type Energy attack.
Power Rating: 80

Hit Points: 300
Link: ( 50%, )
Hit Points: 280
Link: ( 80%, )
Hit Points: 200
Happiness: ( 20 )
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Tiernan Meadows
Mar 06, 2018, 10:41 PM
Vicki. That was kind of cute. And also a little childish, but he couldn't really find it in him to mind. Because... well. Because this was Lucius and Viktor couldn't really bring himself to mind much of anything that that Lucius did, unless it put the other man in danger. Then he minded, a lot. That was different though, Viktor supposed. "Ah, no you hadn't before." Just saying that. "Not that I mind the nickname." Not really. See aforementioned he had a hard time minding anything Lucius did. Especially right now when he'd only just gotten him back.

Besides, there were plenty of way worse things he could be being called.

Oh boy, jumping straight to the difficult questions. But of Lucius remembered the forest it was pretty obvious why he'd felt the need to ask about it. "Yes, the there was a forest up here. The Tiernan Wood." Explaining, in brief. "This area is now called the Tiernan meadows, but, after the Wood finished cleaning the area it... migrated downward. Later I'll show you a map of where it is now." Yeah, that would be easier for Lucius to visualize, he thought. Which, given the other had no memories, being able to visualize things would probably be way easier. Since essentially everything was an abstract concept at the moment.

To be fair though, they'd spent a relatively large amount of time in the Wood even when it was here. Viktor thought he'd leave that alone for a moment.

"Yes~?" Suddenly the Drifblim's airy voice seemed to come from right next to them - and in fact the pokemon was only a few feet away when she appeared.
"Could you go and find Zari for me?"
"Sure." And then she was gone, almost as suddenly as she had come.

"So, fair warning, aside from the Drifblim there is an Aegislash somewhere in the fields. He's mostly harmless but that doesn't stop him from being creepy." Yeah.

And maybe he'd just not explain 'Zari' until the cottonball was here, unless Lucius actually remembered her himself.
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Tiernan Meadows
Feb 08, 2018, 02:59 PM
Viktor couldn't help laughing quietly to himself at that. Some things never really changed, and Suyis managing to have already got Lucius realizing that he annoyed people at times seemingly just for fun? Yeah, that wasn't shocking. Kind of funny though, because it made him wonder what exactly had brought him to that conclusion this time. It didn't matter entirely the Guardian supposed - in the end it was reality regardless.

Ah, it was also just like Suyis to leave a guy who didn't remember anything with a seemingly random person, probably with no explanations at all as to why that person was a good person to be left with or anything of the nature. Which meant that Viktor was potentially starting from square one with someone who may or may not be stuck in war-mode. Not that he thought of Lucius as particularly dangerous - Viktor didn't. He trusted Lucius not to hurt him, it was just... hm. Well, he'd see, he supposed.

Blink. That was a very odd reaction and yet, maybe it wasn't. So there was some memory then, of what things were, even if it wasn't conscious. No wonder Suyis had left off without really explaining that - it was probably impossible to tell how any particular thing would go.

"Yes, I'm him." Quietly, a cross between amused and a little sad. "My name is Viktor." Yes, offering that. "... And I missed you too." Even if Lucius didn't realize he'd missed him, that was the only explanation for the sudden attachment that Viktor had, so going with it. Yes. Ah, and just, hugging him. Yeah. The guardian thought maybe he'd just hug Lucius back because since when was anything normal about their relationship anyway.

Never, by the way. The answer was never.
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Tiernan Meadows
Feb 03, 2018, 11:18 PM
Blink. Ah... okay. "... Of course." Viktor didn't attempt to formulate an argument against that. ... He didn't really like the idea, but arguing against Suyis was futile and he really didn't have the presence to manage that at the moment, because the rest of this certainly had stunned him.

"Thank you." For telling him, because Suyis could have refused, and usually would have. But instead the bird had decided to take pity on him and explain, albeit in very short terms. ... Viktor would worry about it later, for right now he had more important things to focus on, like Lucius.

Viktor winced slightly as he overheard the next set of questions. Oh man. Okay, wow, he really didn't remember much of anything. It was going to take some getting used to, realizing how little he knew about things.

Oh. Well at least Suyis seemed to have already told him he'd be staying here. Which, to be fair, Viktor didn't think he was rude enough to just leave Lucius without warning the other.

"See you, Suyis." And... then he was gone. Suyis did that, he came, he went. It wasn't surprising, the Pokemon was an extremely busy person. Still, it didn't mean that his comings and goings didn't sometimes shake everything up. Certainly he hadn't expected this upheaval. But then, neither had Suyis, apparently. Okay, he could handle this. Viktor released a long, slow breath before closing the door behind himself and heading towards where he'd heard the Lucius voice from.

No time like the present to get the shock of actually seeing him over with, and besides, it would be good to introduce himself since Lucius didn't know who he was... and was going to be staying here.

Ah. There. "Hello there." Politely, and in a quiet voice. "I'm Viktor." Because names were good, right? Right.
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Tiernan Meadows
Feb 01, 2018, 08:58 PM
"Suyis, you can't just say that." Viktor frowned, latching onto that. "And expect me to just let it go." Sure Lucius being dumped on him was probably enough for one trip, being totally honest. But knowing that Suyis had something else waiting in the wings really just made him want to know what it was so he could figure out how to handle it, whatever it was. Especially since it was basically impossible to argue with Suyis anyway, so even though he'd likely want to, they both knew he'd lose and it was a futile effort.

The point remained that being told Suyis had a favor to ask and then having to wonder what it was until whenever Suyis came back was not exactly ideal. It'd be easier to take both, while he was already down. Or at least, that was his opinion. He had been proven wrong before on many occasions when it came to Suyis.

And a slight wince, at the exchange between Lucius and Suyis. "Ah... he really doesn't remember much does he?" Quietly considering what that meant. He wasn't surprised, of course, not really. ... Ah, but that didn't make it any easier to know what the other was going to know and what he'd have to be taught. Or what would randomly come back to him as time went on.

"I'm probably going to need the luck." No kidding. But Viktor had patience, and with Lucius he had more than usual, and he was confident that he could handle that part. ... That didn't mean it wouldn't be a little sad, in its own way. But there were bright points - he had Lucius back at all, which he hadn't expected. No, Viktor had believed that Lucius was well on his way to being reborn by now. And really, he wasn't sure what to make of the fact that he wasn't. But well, this was reality, and that was all he could really work with, after all.
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Tiernan Meadows
Feb 01, 2018, 01:59 PM
Of course he had theories. Suyis always had theories. But it was odd to Viktor that these were just theories, when it was something like this. That implied Suyis didn't actually know what he'd done that woke Lucius up. He just... had. There was something odd and maybe just slightly unsettling to the idea that Suyis had accidentally brought someone who had been dead for a hundred and fifty years back to life. How did that even happen?

A snort. "Yeah, a bit jarring." Yeah, it was. "On the other hand, I'm not really sure warning would have helped." So in the end, it was just as well that Suyis was already here with the... Lucius at this point. There was no denying it, there was no time to go, Suyis this is a terrible idea. It had already happened. He would do what he could with what he had, because what else was he going to do? Exactly. He was going to deal with it.

"That's going to be interesting." He hadn't really changed but he didn't really remember anything, either. It would be a journey to figure out where the two really stood when the dust settled, but things worth having often were. They had time, they were at peace. It wasn't like he was going to have to convince Lucius that they were at war and they had to fight.

"... This is Lucius, you're asking quite a lot." Viktor retorted, rolling his eyes. "No, I know what you mean." Weird for him. Weird in the 'he's a Daeni watch out for loose connectors and zapping' type weird probably, given their previous conversation.

Still, this going to be, ah, quite the project.
Welcome Home
Tiernan Meadows
Feb 01, 2018, 10:36 AM
Viktor didn't interrupt Suyis while he went through the somewhat long story of what brought him here today. Through the first half of it, Viktor really didn't know what Suyis thought all that had to do with him, but he didn't interrupt - it wasn't polite, and Suyis would get to the point eventually either way. In fact, he was likely to get to it faster if Viktor didn't waste time asking for an explanation. ... Either that or he wouldn't get to it, and Suyis never intended to tell Viktor about what actually brought him here - at least not directly.

Either way, what Viktor did or didn't ask beyond the initial question would really affect what Suyis was going to tell him. The pokemon was like that. Sometimes... one had to find their own answers with him. But then, that wasn't such a bad thing. Forcing people to think was one of Suyis' specialties. And sometimes it was frustrating, sure, because everyone knew he could answer and just decided not to. But, on the other hand, figuring things out for oneself did tend to make it that much more real, and that much more likely to stick.

Anyway. Suyis was talking, and Viktor should probably not be woolgathering.

Wait. Had he just- Viktor's eyes narrowed slightly as Suyis seemingly finally got to the point. "There's a who-" Viktor stopped himself from continuing, though his tone had been quite agitated. He wanted to ask Suyis if he'd hit his head. He wanted to ask Suyis if this was some kind of a sick joke, but the Guardian stopped himself from saying either one, mostly because while Suyis could be incredibly rude he was rarely truly cruel. He was an asshole, but he didn't typically say things just to be damaging.

"There's a Lucius in my fields." Viktor's tone was eerily calm, after having taken several deep breaths. Viktor was torn between an overwhelming need to sit down and process for a moment and, of course, the urge to find the Lucius in his fields. "How did you-" Viktor shook his head. "Never mind." Suyis had sort of explained the 'how' already, even if it didn't make sense.
Welcome Home
Tiernan Meadows
Feb 01, 2018, 03:33 AM
It was probably sad that he'd tucked himself this far from civilization. But really, Viktor liked it out here, it was quiet - peaceful in a way that being in one of the cities never would be. He didn't have to worry about making people uncomfortable by existing, he didn't have to worry about Pride or Grace getting into something they shouldn't. Viktor didn't have to worry, he just had to remember to tend the plants on the farm and ... well. If it was a little lonely sometimes, then Viktor tended to tell himself he was being silly. He had Grace, Pride, and Zari, and he didn't really need anything else.

Besides, if he really needed anything he could go to town - and sometimes. That was how he'd met Axel. ... Yes, Axel. There was some irony in meeting a kid with the same name as his son. There was even more in being almost totally certain that the Gym leader was indeed his son reborn. It was good to see that he was living a comfortable life, Viktor could be pleased with that.

At the moment Viktor was taking a short break - he'd finished lunch a little bit ago, and hadn't quite made it back outside when there was a sudden knock at the door. ... Suyis, of course. Viktor snorted to himself and rose to open the door.

"Hello, Suyis." Viktor shuffled out of the way so the other man could enter if he was interested in doing so. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" Suyis was generally a very busy man these days, and he didn't often make social calls.
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