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Suyis Lucain
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Thus I clothe my naked villainy, with odd ends stolen forth from holy writ, and seem a saint, when most, I play the devil.
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Age: ?
Birth Date: February 3
Gender: ? (he/him)
Species: Pokemon
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: White tipped pink
Height: 6'
In most cases, when one first meets Suyis, they likely expect some towering, bulky biker-looking guy. Suyis is probably a little disappointing; he's never entirely grown into his height, and always been notably lanky for how strong he seems to be. It's hard to say if this is intentional, or if that's just how the cookie, so to say, crumbled. Gijinka, after all, still aren't entirely understood, and they hardly understand themselves, either.

Most are slightly surprised to find his skin tone is a darker, dusky colour, perhaps the colour of milk chocolate. Suyis theorises, most expect him to be paler given he is, after all, shiny, and has quite a few white stripes in Pokemon form, but this is not how it turned out. Oddly, he's a bit curvy for a male, and some will occasionally mistake him for a girl from the back. He doesn't seem to mind this, actually finding it rather amusing, but he's genderless, anyway, and perhaps a measure of androgyny should be expected.

Unique Features:
Various tribal and stripe tattoos, never without a couple thin gold armbands, left ear is pierced, and there's normally a silver stud in the right side of his nose.

Suyis is Yveltal, the Destruction Pokemon, which some are aware of, some are not. Either way, it does seem to have a marked effect on his personality and appearance. He does also retain his horns in gijinka form.

Living Space:
Chaos. Just, pure chaos. He can find everything, mind, just... don't expect to be able to get to the door easily.

Play-By: Self-Drawn Art

Suyis is a master of mood swings - most never quite know what to expect from him, and for good reason. Some days he's a perfectly pleasant person to be around, and yet others he's... more on the volatile side. And still other days, he's depressive as can be. There's no real set pattern to his personage, prompting most that meet him to label him the personification of true Chaos. He likes to think of himself as more along the lines of Chaotic-Neutral, but, okay.

Adaptable almost to a fault, he can change personality on a whim; partially because of his mood-swings, and partially because he just automatically changes who he appears to be to suit his company and the situation, making most wonder if he even actually has a personality, and isn't just a big humanoid Ditto. Some people, very rarely, will get a glimpse of who he actually is - much more emotionally vulnerable than he'd have you believe, but also far wiser. He likes to pretend to be stupid and simple, because if he does, most people don't expect much out of him, if anything at all, and don't think twice about him, which he feels lends to him being himself without any pressure.

Some might consider him a people person, if only because he's good at mimicking others enough that he can get along with almost anyone (or at least, pretend to really well), but he actually gravely dislikes people in general.

The only logical adaptation to an insane world is becoming yourself insane. And Suyis is a paragon of insanity. It's kind of a random roll which Suyis you'll get - some days he's nice, other days he's... really not. One day he'll fly off the handle over something really trivial - and maybe the next he'll handle a massive crisis just fine. Sometimes he's friendly and cheerful, and other times he's melancholic and depressive. And sometimes he'll be everything under the sun in the span of a few hours. Welcome to Personality Roulette. Shall we play?

A very big, driving part of his persona is that he hates himself. A lot. He has a massive, glaring monster complex, and it greatly affects his decisions and viewpoints. Who knows where it actually came from. He also has little confidence in any decision he comes to, but he'll pretend otherwise rather well. He puts up this front that makes everyone think he's collected, grounded, confident and nearly impossible to insult, but the truth is starkly different.

It's not Suyis that needs to look out for trouble - but trouble that... really ought to look out for him. He gets into very, very sticky messes, all the time. And the universe likes to throw him curve-balls because screw you, that's why, so he has really crappy luck. Fortunately, he's not dumb or he'd be dead, but he's pretty impulsive and tends to make occasionally really, really stupid decisions on a whim. Also not known to be afraid of anything, but this is kind of a problem. Given there are a lot of things to be afraid of... it's kind of a miracle he's alive.

What would you know of light? You are darkness.
Ah, but, the brightest light casts the darkest shadow.

It is enough to say, one day, he was. He couldn't entirely tell you where, exactly he came from, anyway. By now, the memory has faded, almost entirely, though he remembers bits and pieces, flickers of some Legendary or another, vague impressions of a vast field of stars. And singing... there was always singing, in the beginning, a calming song that somehow told of love and of war.

His early years were spent wandering. Across the blackness, past the bright lights, and one day, he came across forests of green and clearest blue seas. It was true, at the time, and even now, that, he came to love that world he found, that world of green and blue. The sun rose on that world in the morning, painting the blue sky in pastels, and then it set in the evening, streaking the clouds pink and orange. He never did get over the colours, vibrant and alive.

Yet, perhaps unsurprisingly, he always had a mind to destroy. Even as he loved that world, coddled and protected it, he also set chaos and destruction in motion. After all, everything that had a beginning must someday have an end, for nothing is permanent, and it was the inability to hold onto anything that kept those that lived on that world together. Many feared him, for these destructive capabilities, for his ever-shifting demeanour, the nature that would change at the slightest nudge.

It took time. But eventually, people began to walk that world, right alongside Pokemon. He doesn't remember when, now, and his memories seem to think that, at one time, there were no people at all, and then one day there were hundreds, bright-eyed and doe faced, ready to take on the world. Resourceful little things, they were, but also so stupid and short-sighted. Much like the rest of this world, he came to love them, but also desired to destroy everything they built. Admittedly, he didn't destroy everything they built; just enough, to push them into growing, to force them to learn.

If one was going to live, after all, they may as well live the best they can, no?

In the earlier years of the Tyrrhenians, they learned alright. But something changed, somewhere along the way. To be honest about it, he isn't sure what changed, only that it did, and at some point, the two-legs seemed to be less interested in learning, and more interested in copying him. Oh, the destruction they spread, the havoc they wreaked, on none but themselves, even. Such silly, petulant children, they were, and he sat, and he watched, and he both laughed and cried for the irony of it all. There was no need to destroy, any more, not for him, for the two-legs did all the destroying for him, and he just sat back and watched.

Arceus had one rule; do not interfere. The people and Pokemon of this world were gifted with souls, with free-will, and it was up to them what they did with them. It soon became apparent, however, to him; they had no idea how to use the gift they had been given. Even the little warrior things, who lived and worked and battled alongside Pokemon as one, hadn't the faintest clue. Their childishness and inability to see too far past their own noses wreaked all sorts of havoc, destroyed much of Tyrrhenia, killing off themselves and Pokemon. The people fled, but where to, this one had to wonder. Word came, through the Pokemon rumour vine; a new government had arisen from the ashes of the ones before, and were enslaving two-legs and Pokemon alike, killing by the score.

It was time, he thought. Time to stop being merely a nightmare, a tall-tale story, told to children to frighten them into using their heads. For the first time in many sunrises and sunsets, he left the place he'd stayed and watched from, and sought out a friend, a warrior that he could teach to live.

He found that warrior -- or he thought he did. The truth was likely much different, but he did not realise this until much later, long after they began working together. They saw much of Tyrrhenia side by side, fought in many battles together, felled many enemies, and he had thought that, someday, his warrior might become one of the greatest Tyrrhenia had ever seen. He wonders, now, if perhaps all Pokemon think that, when they bond with a two-leg in such a way. If they all become blind to their two-leg partner's corruption and insanity, until it is too late.

She turned on him, one day. The bond was broken, and the damage done before he really processed what had just happened. He broke the little chip she'd bound him to, and went on his way. And then, and only then, did he really understand heartache. He would have stayed there, where he'd crashed into a mountainside, a heap of red and white feathers too tired to care and too numb to give a damn. Perhaps he would have perished, in time. It seemed, though, that Arceus was not yet done with the Destruction Pokemon. As he lay half on a ledge and half dangling off the cliff-side, watching the stars take their journey across the blackened skies, the sunlight paint the clouds, he soon discovered he was not alone.

It took several days, but, eventually, the young boy came from the mountain pass, struggling through the slopes and the crumbling rock. It was going to get cold, soon, he said. The bird Pokemon couldn't stay here, he said. He didn't care; instead of answering the young two-leg, he keened in quiet sorrow, mourning the loss of a bright star, and buried his beak in his wing. The boy, on the other hand, refused to give up. He stayed.

One morning, the bird awoke to find the boy missing. Despite his state of apathy, he found himself panicking; had the boy fallen down the cliff-side to his doom in the night? Had some less friendly Pokemon snatched him up for dinner? His panic didn't last long, before he heard quiet little foot-falls not far, as the boy scurried through the mountain pass. He was beginning to get good at it, the bird noted, as he deftly manoeuvred through the rocks, coming to stop beside him. Over his shoulder was a sack the bird hadn't seen before. The boy set it down, opening it to reveal a pile of different kinds of Berries.

"I wasn't sure what you like," he said. "So I got a bit of everything I could find. I haven't seen you eat yet. It's been a week, almost." A week? The measurement of time, it meant nothing to the Pokemon, but he keened in response, anyway. "Pecha Berries are my favourite," the boy went on, picking a small, pale pink-coloured Berry out of the sack. "Try it?" he asked, holding the Berry toward the Pokemon's beak.

As it happens, the bird also liked Pecha Berries.

The boy never quite gave up on him, even as the bird had seemingly given up on himself. Every few days, the boy would come back, carrying a sack, and set it down to reveal a pile of Berries. Which ones began to change, over time, as the boy discovered which ones the bird actually liked, and which ones he didn't, and shifted the arrangement to suit the Pokemon's tastes.  It seemed he liked sweet and sour Berries, but didn't really care for spicy or dry ones.

The bird learned the boy was called "Jadyka," or just Jady, by his friends and his brother. The bird wondered if his brother was just as confusing as he was, because Jady was very confusing to him. He never asked; actually, the bird never used words with him at all. Despite that, Jady never stopped talking to him. The bird hadn't realised, until Jady refused to go away, that he was lonely. But, just as Jady brought his attention to the fact that he was lonely, he chased it away, and soon, he wasn't lonely, any more. In fact, the bird had come to look forward to the days the boy would come through the mountain pass.

Yet, everything that has a beginning, has an end. And soon enough, many sunrises and sunsets later, Jadyka hadn't come in quite a while. The bird had little concept of time, but he felt it'd been a long time. He started to worry... and when someone finally came, it wasn't Jadyka, but a different young boy, carrying the same sack Jadyka brought Berries in. He set it down by the Pokemon, like Jadyka always did.

"My brother said to come," he explained. "He can't right now." The bird must've looked curious, confused, perhaps both, because the boy went on. "He had a bad fight in the fighting rings." What was a fighting ring? The bird didn't press for an answer, just munched on Berries, instead. Unlike Jadyka, his brother didn't stay long, before he turned and went back toward the lights that the bird knew, now, the two-legs had started living in. Wherever there was a sea of lights, there was a two-leg city, bustling and vibrant. He wanted to see what was in those seas of lights, but, perhaps he wouldn't. No, he'd stick out in a place like that. As if he didn't already, anyway.

Jadyka didn't come again for a while. Instead, his brother came, set down Berries, and left. In time, the bird began to wander again, exploring. Tyrrhenia had changed, since last he had moved around. But he knew he would; the accidental destruction set forth had made things much worse for the entirety of Tyrrhenia. Amid his wandering, perchance, he got too close to one of the Pillars. Arceus' power coursed through them, and he knew, within a few years' time, that they were Plates that had grown into giant crystal structures to shield themselves. They changed him. On accident, he discovered he could change forms, could become a two-leg, and one of his types changed.

It took a while, but Jadyka finally came back. He stayed and talked as the bird munched on the Berries he brought, as always he did; but something was different, this time. His demeanour had changed, he'd become... smaller, somehow. The boy wasn't very old, perhaps something like twelve, if he was any good at guessing two-leg ages. He didn't question the boy, instead, letting him ramble as he would. Eventually, as the stars made their way across the night sky, the boy fell asleep in a heap against his feathers. And the bird... the bird was just happy to know his two-leg was safe. When, exactly, the boy had become his two-leg, he couldn't tell, but he had.

He wanted to know what this fighting ring thing was. And so, when the boy left the next morning, the bird did, too. He knew where he'd go. He'd sensed it before, the feel of very old Ninetales. If he wanted answers, he'd get it from another Pokemon, not a random two-leg. After all, the bird still had troubles trusting two-legs. Jadyka was a special exception, not the rule.

The bird got his answers, all of them, over a glass of tea that never seemed to disappear very quickly. He was too absorbed in listening to the tales, learning the stories, finally coming to understand the intricate tapestry that was this destruction the Tyrrhenians had unleashed. And it left him with quite the sour taste in his mouth. The rumours were not exaggerated.

These people, the United Republic, were dangerous.

Still, Arceus' rule was still in place. It was not the place of the Legendaries to interfere, and yes, somewhere along the way, the bird came to understand he was one of those Legendary things, and thus he fell under that jurisdiction. While the bird didn't fear much, he did at least respect Arceus enough to abide by its rules. But, nothing was ever said about this particular situation; Jadyka was twelve years old. Far too young to be fighting and killing just to keep his siblings alive. And the cycle would never break, from what he understood.

The fighting rings gained a new contender. A mysterious white haired man, the ends tipped a vibrant pink-red, eyes a bright aqua. As luck would have it, he was quite good at this fighting stuff, and quickly rose to become one of the most renowned fighters in the darn thing. First it was just to keep them fed and clothed, and get them medical attention when they needed it. And then he began to get a little... ambitious. Again, he found he wanted to destroy. But, many of the most impoverished of Pyxis' population had come to depend on it as a means of income. Destroying the fighting rings would doom thousands to starve to death or die in other, equally unpleasant, and equally preventable, ways. So instead, he merely took care of the Maitras, eventually moving them from Pyxis to Eridanus, and retired out of the rings. The Maitras all gained decent jobs; Jadyka and Jahan went on to work for the Republic, both in Enforcement, but Jadyka later also joined the Psion Project, while Jahan eventually turned his back on the Republic entirely. One of their younger brothers became a scientist, a sister a doctor, another sister became a Handler, too. The bird kept adopting those less fortunate, those trapped in a cycle they didn't really understand the consequences of.

And the bird, now known as Suyis? He put his winnings to good use, establishing the first airship and machinery companies in Tyrrhenia. He became one of the richest men in the region, invented the term 'sponsor' and sponsored over 300 fighters in the rings, and eventually joined the Republic too. He then began to act as the closest thing to a Gym Leader of Pyxis that was possible at the time. He'd taken to adopting orphans; hundreds of orphans eventually bore the name Maitra, many of which had gone on to become very successful and well-known names. A master of engineering, Suyis learned the ins and outs of airships and Daeni technology alike, and has friends, eyes, and ears, everywhere.

As it happens, it was from him that the rebel army sprang. Suyis, well, he didn't do much, mind you. All he did was put the flooring under their feet, and let them do as they would. In a rather spectacular display, Suyis literally picked up Pyxis, tearing it from the ground and moving it in one piece, to the north side of Lake Melpomene. From there, the rebel army turned first on the United Republic, and then, when it was gone, on the Anahax Region the Republic originated from.

The people of Pyxis still consider him their patron, and, as the Fusillades did, have collectively chosen him, Yveltal, as their patron legendary. Suyis established, and in a sense now runs, the Tyrrhenian Council, but things are getting out of hand.

The people are forgetting. And perhaps it is nigh time someone reminded them where they come from.

Status / Special
Class 8-0 [ 800 / 900 ]
If this skill succeeds after an opponent aims a damaging skill at the user, that damage is cut in half -- the opponent takes the other half.
Dark Heart
Offense / Special
Class 7-5 [ 750 / 900 ]
A burst of Dark energy flares up. This skill feeds any damage it deals back to the user as HP recovery.
Power Rating: 80
Status / Physical
Class 8-5 [ 850 / 900 ]
Fixing things. Making things do things they aren't supposed to. Or stop doing things they are. Fun shit!
Fire Blast
Offense / Special
Class 5-0 [ 500 / 900 ]
A large burst of fire. This skill has a fair chance of leaving a burn.
Secondary Effect: Burn, 30% for 4 turns
Power Rating: 110
Offense / Physical
Class 8-0 [ 800 / 900 ]
The use and maintenance of firearms.
Power Rating: 75
Oblivion Wing
Offense / Special
Class 9-0 [ 900 / 900 ]
The user gathers energy and fires it as a large destructive beam. This skill feeds any damage it deals back to the user as HP recovery. Can hit multiple targets.
Power Rating: 80
Unarmed Combat
Offense / Physical
Class 9-0 [ 900 / 900 ]
Sometimes, you just gotta deck a bitch.
Power Rating: 70

Hit Points: 320
Happiness: ( 80 )
Hit Points: 240
Happiness: ( 90 )
Hit Points: 320
Happiness: ( 90 )
Hit Points: 360
Happiness: ( 90 )
January 21, 2232
And Today is All You've Got, Now;
January 22, 2232
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And Today is All You've Got, Now;
Mar 03, 2018, 07:05 PM
He'd been looking for something. Somewhere in these archives in the back of Antonia's lab, he thought he remembered seeing a few of the firsthand accounts from the Psion Project. Suyis had, of course, kept them, because something like that needed not to be destroyed, but preserved, preferably forever, that Tyrrhenia never forgot. Unfortunately, it'd seem they were forgetting, and Suyis thought it nigh time someone reminded them. This was, after all, why he'd kept the records for so long. Some of them were, as it happened, rather terrible to read, difficult even for someone such as him. But that was at least partly the point.

As it happened, Antonia had gone somewhere else today, off to visit another researcher in the region, and Suyis, being as he was here, had taken up the mantle of caring for the laboratory while she was gone, with Beryl's help, of course. The two were managing alright, but Antonia had only been gone since that morning. There was still plenty of time for something to go terribly wrong, Suyis would know it. So far, so good, at least.

He set the folder he was rifling through down on the desk, reaching for his coffee, but he heard the door open. Ah, Antonia had said she wasn't expecting visitors, perhaps this was a new trainer (a rather late new trainer, but, he wasn't judging). He stood, instead, shuffling out into the entryway. Ah, Lucretia. He should've expected that, but then, he couldn't pay attention to everything going on in the world all at once. Perhaps he should give himself some leeway. Well, Suyis never was much for leeway, for anyone, but, far much less for himself.

"You must be here for a starter," Suyis mentioned. "Unfortunately Professor Hawthorne isn't here at the moment, but, I can get you going. We're headed that way," he went on, pointing down the hall, and then turning that way himself. "Oh, I'm Suyis but I answer to jerkwad."
Are You the Rainbow Deer to my Doom Bird?
Looking For
Feb 23, 2018, 06:15 PM
probably old af ✧ genderless but i always saw xern as a girl ✧ open pb

Hellooooo so Suyis is Yveltal, and I've had some sibling-like interactions in mind
for him and Xerneas since Imperion, and I'd really like to get someone to play
Xerneas for me. Most likely, this character would've had some kind of presence on
Imperion, but it's not necessary that you play Xerneas over there, too (if you want! but
only if you want). Xerneas most likely is kinda like, tolerant of Suyis' destructo-bird
schtick, if only because he tends to be like, useful with it, at least, but once in a while,
I'm sure Xern is like "Dude, no, dude stop," and so I envision they kinda bicker like
siblings do a lot. I don't have much set in stone or in mind for what Xern's
personality is like, but I did have kind of a maternal overtone for it, in my head,
what you do with it after that is up to you. I'd love to plot-hash about them before
an app is started, so if you're interested, go ahead and drop a post! I think you can
post here as a guest. I have cookies! And Suyis is amusing, really, just kind of a jerk. xD
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Tiernan Meadows
Feb 02, 2018, 09:24 PM
Actually, he very much could leave him with that, and he certainly had before. Suyis was like that, seemed to have a natural aversion to explaining things. Most thought it was because he liked to keep people on their toes, and while that wasn't wrong, that was really only half the story. The rest, well, maybe he just kind of got used to knowing everything, and half expected everyone else to know everything, and then... they didn't. Funny, how that worked out. Did he feel like being kind, and explaining? Not terribly. Well, maybe he could, just because.

"Oh nothing major, I'm just effectively recruiting you to the Tyrrhenian Council," he said, tone airy and seemingly amused, but most of what Suyis said came out sounding rather amused. That was his default state, as it were.

... that was - Suyis shouldn't be surprised Lucius didn't remember what mathematics were, or how to do them, or apparently what the abstract concept of hell was. He started to answer those questions, and then Lucius changed his mind. Suyis had mentioned he'd be staying, but it was relatively off-handed a remark. It was possible it'd gotten lost in the near tangible tsunami of information that his brain was trying to keep up with, these days. He could let that go, so, despite looking a bit perplexed, momentarily, it passed.

"Yes, you're staying here," he answered. "I'm going back to my very busy livelihood, you kids have fun now. ... not too much fun. Well, I guess you're both way past being adults now you can do whatever you - okay, going, I'm going. Try not to drive the nice guy crazy, Lucius, need anything you know where to find me." Suyis gave a short salute, and turned on his heel and headed back toward Pyxis. ... he'd probably fly, the rest of the way.

With that in mind, a good distance away from anything he could hit, and Suyis shifted into his avian form, and took off.
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Tiernan Meadows
Feb 01, 2018, 03:08 PM
Well, perhaps not. Suyis always had warning, so he had no idea what not having it was really like. It was difficult for him to be able to discern whether forewarning was a good thing, or bad, or not really either. Legendaries knew many things, after all, but none of them could see into the hearts of men. They could make educated guesses, borne of observation and logical extrapolation, but these were not quite the same thing, and there were some aspects of the human condition they'd forgotten. Suyis hardly remembered being human, at any point. He was, at one time. Most Legendaries were.

Time was a fickle thing. It gave and it took and changed and stayed the same, all at once. It'd long taken his memory of being human.

He couldn't help the laugh, though, at the end. "You've been hanging around me too long," Suyis decided. "Speaking of, I have a favour to ask, but I think I'll let that one wait until next time. You know, when you can appropriately argue with me, like I'm sure you'll want to." Then again, most knew, by now, once Suyis had decided on something, very rarely would someone else manage to change his mind. Perhaps Viktor would decide it a futile effort, and save himself that much.

"You're five foot eleven," Suyis answered the Lucius voice in the fields, turning that way. "Do the maths." Of course, it was quite probable he didn't even know what maths were. He'd not explain. If Lucius wanted to know, he'd ask. "... it seems he's that way," Suyis said, smiling. "Not far at all. Good luck with him." Truth be told, that luck might be needed. Suyis hadn't quite figured out what all he'd forgotten, but it seemed a good deal of what his mind hadn't recalled just yet, happened to be relatively basic things. Like what the colour 'green' was.
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Tiernan Meadows
Feb 01, 2018, 11:49 AM
Ah, that was an expected and relatively normal response. As usual, for him, Suyis just waited that momentary irritation out. There it went, sinking in... Suyis liked to mess with people's heads and make them question their sanity, sure, but he rarely crossed the line between being irritating, and being damaging. This was, of course, why he'd never said anything about doing anything with what remained of Lucius to begin with, because he didn't want to get hopes up where there was little sense in having hopes up, if it turned out he couldn't do anything to begin with. Things like this didn't happen. But, he and Kat had thought the same thing, about Diego, and... here they all were. He shook his head, taking a breath in and releasing it in almost a huff.

"I have theories," Suyis mentioned. "It's possible the explosion threw one of his connectors off, and his Daeni parts shut him down, put him into a temporary stasis, maybe some piece was liable to shock the crap out of him if it kept him conscious, and eventually I somehow accidentally knocked that connector back into place. I'm not entirely sure. What I am sure of, is he's alive and moving and thinking. I'm not sure what this means for his overall longevity, but it's hard to pin a Daeni's longevity, anyway. I wasn't sure what else to do with him, I don't have the time to help him remember the things he's forgotten, and certainly Pyxis isn't very homey to a farmer to begin with, so... I brought him to you. As usual for me, I didn't think about warning you until we'd gotten here, so, I am actually sorry, about that, this is pretty big and jarring, huh?" Perhaps a little, yes.

"He doesn't seem to have changed much. It probably makes this easier, and harder, too." Honestly, Suyis wasn't sure if Lucius even remembered Viktor and Zarinidia and Kunzite. He'd never mentioned them, and neither had Suyis, waiting for him to bring things up, to better judge what it was, exactly, that Lucius recalled. If Suyis brought it up first, it was liable to influence what Lucius thought he remembered, and Suyis wanted to know what he did remember, not what his mind thought it remembered. It was entirely possible that he didn't remember any of them, also possible he'd remember when he saw them. But he was alive. He was alive, and here, and maybe it didn't really matter, in the long run, what he remembered and didn't, because if he was here, maybe it'd be a process of regaining his trust and becoming his friend all over again, but he was here to do that with.

It was okay to take the time on it. Tyrrhenia was peaceful, now. Nobody was racing against a ticking time-bomb, anymore. Still kind of an odd thought, amusingly because it'd been so long. Things weren't perfect, but they were getting there.

"Uh... and if anything weird happens, just, let me know." He'd define weird, but, frankly, Viktor would know it when it happened, if it did.
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Tiernan Meadows
Feb 01, 2018, 09:34 AM
Ah, well, he probably didn't actually want the answer to this, but it was too late for that. Who knew, maybe he'd take it better than Suyis expected. It wasn't like either of them could change how things had apparently deigned to go. Well, they could, but this would probably require making McKenna go boom again, and Suyis was quite good on that - come to think, perhaps the explosion had knocked something out of place, jarred a connector or something to that effect, and Suyis eventually managed to shake it back into place. How the hell he was still cognitive after this long being disconnected, that Suyis had no answer for. Oh, wait, it was possible whatever had disconnected hadn't disconnected enough that it killed him, more like it put him into temporary stasis, like an emergency shut down... he did remember putting such features into his Daeni parts when he'd made them... perhaps it emergency shut down overrode, due to being likely to shock the shit out of him...

Anyway. Viktor had asked a question. Unfortunately, Suyis was never good at delicate affairs, he just sort of charged in head-first, and if he tried beating around the bush and softening the... was there a blow to this? Who knew... if he did that, it'd only make it sound worse than it was. "Ah... well, you see, funny story," Suyis started, "I was digging around in one of my fancy Daeni-building rooms, and smacked my fat ass into something, I have no idea what, and then there was grumbling behind me. It was something straight out of a movie, I swear to Kat, anyway, he uh. He seems to have very hazy memories, some stuff came back, but there's other things that are still seemingly gone, I'm not sure if this is a temporary condition, it might be, and I thought returning him to something more closely resembling his life before might be a good idea and help him remember things."

... and by now Viktor was probably like, what's this got to do with me? Because, everybody knows that when somebody dies, that's permanent. Except, for some reason, just this once, no, it wasn't.

"... so uh, fair warning, somewhere in your fields is a Lucius, going, wow I've never seen plants so tall, wait yes I have, I have? Wait what?" Yes. That was likely very much how that was going in his head. Suyis had spent long enough around him, now, to know that, at least. "I did not mean to lose him on the way here, but he's um, he's very curious, you know how he is, and... well to actually have kept him from running off, I'd probably have had to rope him to me, and that seemed... uh. Overkill. Perhaps." Perhaps a little. ... boy, Suyis sucked at explaining things delicately.
Welcome Home
Tiernan Meadows
Jan 31, 2018, 10:07 PM
Suyis hadn't, of course, mentioned he was doing anything with Lucius after he'd died. Following the initial failure, everyone else had just, accepted it, much to his joy, quite frankly, and no one mentioned it again. Suyis hadn't mentioned it, because he hadn't been sure he could do anything else (it is a well-known fact that, once you are dead, you are dead), and for quite a long time, he couldn't. And then, out of nowhere, Suyis had bumped into something, and Lucius had come alive. It was rather quite the enigma, because Suyis wasn't entirely sure what'd happened, and Lucius only half-remembered most things. He'd remembered most of his initial skill at varying weapons, and had remembered how to fend for himself in the wild, but he didn't remember much about farms. That was kind of Lucius' thing, so, to say the least, it was odd.

It was, however, extremely probable, that Lucius just needed to be exposed to his former life, or something closely resembling it, for the rest of his memory to return. If that was actually his brain in there working away, and Suyis was relatively sure it was (relatively), it'd been inactive for 150 years now, so who knew how rusty it was. Nobody had ever preserved a functioning human brain for that long, and seriously, he was still unsure how he'd done that. His personality hadn't changed too drastically, either, so Suyis didn't think the machinery had taken over. What on Tyrrhenia had he done? He'd maybe never really know. The chances of doing it twice, were, however, quite abysmal.

In any case, even if Viktor hadn't decided to stick to farming for the rest of his life, after Lucius had gone boom, perhaps the familiar person might manage to jar his memory. It was a bonus that the Guardian had decided he'd be a farmer, because that was familiar, too. It was something of a shame Kunzite wasn't with Viktor and Zarinidia, but perhaps the Cottonee might be just enough.

So, he'd decided to take Lucius to the Meadows, and quite probably unceremoniously drop him on Viktor's lap. He hadn't thought to warn him, though. Maybe he should actually do that, this time. "Don't wander too -" he started to say, but, a glance behind him told him, Lucius had already run off. ... of course. Damned ADD mother fucker. He just shook his head, following the trails (no one wanted to put concrete or asphalt on what the Wood had spent so long cleaning) up to Viktor's farm, hopping up onto the porch and tapping. "Housekeeping... ... okay no, you really don't want me cleaning your house..." It'd probably be more a wreck after, than before.

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