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Arceus's Battle Suite

Welcome to the Battle Suite! Below, you'll find any pertinent information your forum administrator would like to impart to you before you begin on your journey with the Suite. You are currently logged in as Guest. If you would like to use the Suite for an account besides this one, please log out and into the account you want to manage.

Welcome to Arceus' Battle Suite, version 4.0 RC3. It is with great joy that I introduce you to Battle Suite 4, and look forward to any feedback anyone has for me in regards to its design and ease of use. What is Battle Suite 4? Initially, I did not set out to create an automated battle manager. All I wanted was a random Pokemon generator. This first iteration of the spawner was a very rudimentary, flat-file arrangement, and it was a pain to add to it. Ultimately, with generation 7 right around the corner, I opted to instead transfer the flat-file information to a database, and then I thought, well I bet I could make it roll dice, too... Skill Suite 1 was born.

Many years later, I've added quite an array of functions and features that the Skill Suite, now rebranded as the Battle Suite for version 4 (it works entirely differently), has to offer its users. It is designed to be fully customisable for administrators, and super easy to use for users. Most of what the Battle Suite has to offer is fairly self-explanatory, but just what does it actually do?

-- Fully automated skill tracking (these are called moves on this site). No point tracking by hand.
-- Automated party management (these are labelled pokemon on this site). Handles two different types of affection system, and party skills and abilities automatically, if the latter is enabled (it is not)
-- Automated spawner and bestiary (these are called spawner and pokedex on this site). These generate random entries, and will give a full listing of all entries in the spawner in a comprehensive list. Click a name and view more information!
-- Easy spawner contribution. If you have permission to do so (you do not), you can visit the contribution area, click a couple buttons and type some stuff, and send off a spawner skill or trait suggestion to the staff. That easy.
-- Set your own HP, types, and toggle free form battle mode on or off.
--- Note, free-form battle mode simply turns off rolls in specific posts. This way, you can roll and still gain points, but it won't blatantly tell you what the rollers decided. It is not a right.
-- Automatically roll skills in posts. The newly designed drop-down rollers are much easier than using a BBCode, no fuss, no mess, and you can even roll skills at a level lower than they are (accuracy rating remains the same, damage range is what is replaced).
-- HP calculator in post area, which will take input numbers and do the mathematics for it for you.

I hope everyone finds a lot of joy and ease in using Battle Suite 4! If you have any suggestions, please email arceus at kazeshini dot net. Thank you for choosing Battle Suite 4!

Arceus's Battle Suite v. 4.0 RC3
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